Chinh Pham, Video Goddess and Visibility strategist

OMG Sean Douglas Stewart is totally freaking badass! I've been in his mastermind group program plus I had 2 individual calls with him, and he's amazing. He was integral in helping me shift my belief of, Boo hoo I don't think I'm cut out for this entrepreneur stuff to I’m unstoppable, hear me roar!!. As well, I made 6X the investment I paid to be in his program. That’s pretty major, right????

Katie Collins

Less than a week after I hired Sean Douglas Stewart I enrolled a new client at $2500, which had been my highest offering at that time. Only a little while later I enrolled my first 6K client!! Working with Sean has been a total game changer.

Sean Stewart Photo

Tarah Long, Licensed Acupuncturist

During my work with Sean, I quadrupled my investment and attracted at least 1-2 new clients a week. I was also in the middle of opening my own acupuncture clinic (from sharing a practice with another practitioner) and had a lot of work to do. With Sean's coaching, I opened the new space twice as fast as I had anticipated. He helped me with not only the logistics of running a practice, but also with the mindset necessary for ultimate success!

Rebecca Fettig

I've been working with Sean for some time now and he is amazing!! His knowledge, energy, enthusiasm, and radical acceptance for anything you bring to him is just the kind of support you'd want in a coach. Not to mention he makes the process fun.

Bryan Jordan, Coach and Massage Therapist

Since working with Sean, I’ve come to realize that the only person coming between me and success is myself. Once I was able to clear the destructive belief systems I had of worthiness, I was able to land my first high paying client at nearly twice my original rate! That one client earned me over 3K! Since then I’ve done it over and over and filled my practice with my ideal clients!

Adam Timm

Sean is a machine! He is a masterful coach and walks his talk. If you're ready to kick it into high gear, attract more clients and grow your business, Sean is your man!

Joy Alboro, Past life regression and Soul Healing Coach

This stuff really works! I just sold my first phone package to someone from the support group. How Exciting!

Aurelia Flores

I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Sean Douglas Stewart! He does what he says he will, and his work is powerful. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want assurances about working with him. Coach on, Sean. Coach on.

Lisa Sadowski

As a result of working with Sean, I've experienced an astounding increase in self esteem and faith in my own convictions. He is personally driven and dedicated to see his clients succeed. I am so proud to work with someone who is a truth seeker himself. Just having that energy in my life alone is a blessing and is worthy of recommendation to all.

Liliya Georgiyeva, Image Consultant at style by Liliya

I just sold my first 3 month package!!! Thank you Sean Douglas Stewart for your guidance!!!! Laser focus baby!!!!

Alex Alexander, Alexander & Associates LLC

Since working with Sean I’ve experienced a 10X increase in my productivity and clarity about the goals of my business. I've hired an assistant and trainer and have reached many of my business and personal goals. Sean is dependable, clear and caring.

Tara Haggiag, Stylist and founder of Azada clothing line

As a result of working with Sean I’ve experienced more Clarity of mind and a fabulous set of organizational skills that I desperately needed and help me everyday to take my business to the next level. He is passionate about coaching his clients toward the obtaining of their goals and thereby making dreams a reality! He helped me to envision the direction I actually wanted to go and take clear actions toward that goal rather than be swayed by indecision.

Victoria Moore DC, MA, Performance Consultant and Mind/Body Chiropractor

Sean Stewart is a great coach, and I have really benefitted from my work with him. Every session I’ve had with him, I’ve left feeling uplifted and more able to accomplish my results. My investment in Sean's programs have really paid off for me!

Wendy Baldwin

I deeply appreciate all the time and effort you are putting into your program. This has been one of the best investments I've made for my business. Over the course of this adventure I've been frustrated, exhausted, hopeful and determined to figure out this crazy marketing. Not to mention undertake some massive life healing. Thankfully I'm getting the bigger marketing picture now and opening myself up to endless possibilities.