A lot of people have been commenting lately about the tagline for my company, “Success is your birthright, Create it”

… And they have been asking me “what exactly does that mean?”

It got me thinking about how important it is for me to define it clearly for you because the “gold” contained in that tagline is responsible for ALL the success that I’ve accomplished since starting my business 4+ years ago.

successMaybe you can easily pick up on the idea of “Success is Your Birthright”.  I mean, it’s fairly obvious that I’m saying that “success is our natural state as humans”.

But what exactly does that mean that success is our natural state?

The easiest way to explain is to flip it around by stating the opposite, which is that “failure is not our natural state.”

Failure is a human concept that only exists in our minds (failure only occurs when we ‘fail’ ourselves by giving up or calling ourselves “failures”).   Failure is a concept based on rules that we made up, or someone made up for us, and we follow…most likely unconsciously.

On the other hand, success (which I see as synonymous with “fulfillment”, “abundance” and “wealth”) describes life itself.

Every moment of every day, we are naturally propelled forward (in our thoughts, words and actions) to expand and increase ourselves.

Life is about growth. The pursuit of more. The quest to be more, do more, achieve more, and on and on it goes.

Therefore ‘Success’, which is the state of ‘being (and becoming) more’ IS OUR NATURE.

Now here’s the catch… and also the reason why I say, ‘Create it’:

We are our worst enemies on this quest.

No obstacle or opponent can derail our progress more than our own selves.
(Did you know that external obstacles stop us from our goals less than 10% of the time??)

And when this “shadow self” stands in our way long enough, we fall victim to what appears to be failure. And in that, we fail ourselves.

    But we don’t like to see it that way, so instead we make up excuses:

  • “I can’t get enough clients”
  • “I’m not good at marketing”
  • “Business is slow because of the recession”
  • “Nothing good ever happens to me”
  • “No one has any money”
  • “There are no good jobs / opportunities out there”

These excuses are convenient (and socially acceptable) but what really happened was that WE CREATED OUR “FAILURE” and then we refused to take responsibility for it.

When you get caught up in this type of projection, it’s important to catch yourself and remember that your results are ALWAYS created by YOU.

Many entrepreneurs I do free consultations with come to me with the same fundamental error in thinking. They believe something or someone else is causing their results.

It could be past trauma, a dysfunctional upbringing, an illness or ‘handicap’, bad relationships or a rainbow of other “stories” that cause them to believe this.

I understand the power and seeming reality of these limiting beliefs, and I’m not going to make them wrong.

But the ONE QUESTION to ask when analyzing our own beliefs is NOT: “Is this belief right or wrong?”… but rather: “Is this belief empowering or weakening me?”

So let me ask you this: if you question being responsible for the results you create in life:

  • Is that empowering or weakening you?

My guess is that you understand that when you give things ‘outside of you’ the power to control your life, you become a victim… and your life becomes ‘out of control’.

If you feel like things are out of your control right now, then you’ve been living with a limiting belief structure that is affecting your ability to have the life you want.

And who is responsible for that belief structure?  You got it.

Now, before I pull this all together, let me make one qualification of the above statements.

I said that when we allow things “outside” of ourselves to control our results,  we become victims and our lives become ‘out of control’.

This is accurate but it leaves out a crucial component to the process: that life is really a process of co-creation.

In other words it’s 100% up to us but whatever we choose to do, we get 100% support from the ‘the universe’ on that (whether we choose the ‘right’ thing or the ‘wrong’ thing).

This explains the concept of  “providence moves in” as well as the law of attraction.

It also explains why you might have gotten confused at some point about who’s in control of your life.

The problem stems from the fact that we tend to project that the Universe is ‘out there’ but it’s ‘in here’ and it’s not separate from us.

So the bottom line is that each one of us is 100% in control of the results we create in life, period.

So create the very best.

I know it was long, but hopefully it was worthwhile and at the very least now you’ll always know what I mean when I say,

“Success is Your Birthright.  Create it.”

If got value out of this let me know.  I love hearing from you.