“Are You Frustrated or Feeling Stuck in Your Business Trying to Figure Out How to Get More Clients & Make More Money?”

Being CONSISTENT and PROACTIVE with creative, results-oriented marketing practices will ensure BIG SUCCESS in your marketing…and so will the mindset and goasl setting strategies you have in place!

 Hi, I’m Sean D. Stewart, Entrepreneur success Coach!

I’ve been working with small and home based business owners and entrepreneurs for a long time and I know you’re constantly trying to figure out how to get more customers and make more sales right?

I know this because it’s a constant concern and focus in my business too!

You see, I’ve been where you are –

Not all entrepreneurs know how to market your business though, you know your product or service well but not necessarily how to get new or repeat clients.

I built my business the traditional way yet realized a few short years ago I could do much more – I went global!

So, now I’m implementing some traditional forms of marketing in my business (such as networking, speaking, publicity, writing articles, live events, good follow up and more) and some more modern, international forms of marketing in my business (such as teleclasses, social networking, blogging, webinars, joint ventures, becoming an author, memberships, information marketing, pay per click and more).

Are a few of these some things you’ve been considering implementing in YOUR business but you just don’t know where to start??

Now I’m teaching everything I’ve learned and continue to learn to other conscious entrepreneurs like you!

I’ve learned from some of the biggest names in online marketing, invested in coaching programs and workshops myself with other business owners and mentors; all current multi-million dollar business owners now.

They’ve showed me what not to do, what to do and how to do it in order to build the multi-million dollar business I’m working on building.

Over the years, I’ve found that setting up a clear, focused and targeted marketing plan is the number one objective to getting you on the right track.  But what’s the most important factor with small and home based business owners I find is IMPLEMENTATIONOF THAT PLAN – you just don’t follow it consistently do you?

I can give you all kinds of marketing, advertising, networking and publicity advice but if you don’t know HOW you are going TO IMPLEMENT IT or know WHAT TO DO NEXT, then it’s useless and it just doesn’t get done, am I right?  Has this happened to you?

Then if you don’t have someone to hold you accountable to make SURE it all gets done and done right….it may not ever get done right?

So, first you need to know WHAT TO DO, then you need to know HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT so you get the results you’re looking for but then you also may need ONGOING ACCOUNTABILITY AND FOCUSED attention to make sure you stay on track, keep moving forward, come up with new ideas and take those leaps of faith that will ultimately bring you to your goals.

Well this Group Coaching Program will do EXACTLY THAT and more….read on.

Many of you have told me you wanted more information than what’s in my weekly newsletters.  More detail and actual steps on HOW to do specific types of things in your your business.

Over the past year or so there’s also been a shift in the marketplace.  This shift is HOW small business owners are doing business.  You want more personal advice, resources and access to your mentor or coach who is there teaching you along the way.

Yet you may not yet be at the point to where you can invest heavily in some of mine (or other people’s) higher level programs, products or services but what do you do?  You still need personal and direct advice to know what YOU need to do to start, grow or market your business.

For a few years now I’ve been running this Group Coaching Program membership program and spoon feeding members my knowledge and expertise on hundreds of different types of creative marketing or business building strategies.

I like to share it little by little so you don’t get overwhelmed because I know you have a lot on your plate running your business.

Now, don’t get me wrong….you really need to make time to work ON your business every month, I think you know that.  But are you actually doing it?

If you know you should be learning more, implementing more and taking a little more time each month to further your business or even change areas of it then I urge you to start now.

If you know you need to be held more accountable each month or realize it’s time to get a mentor or coach then this is a great program to start with.

This program is only available through Membership.  When you join, you will learn new techniques each month you can implement in your marketing as well get a kick in the butt to actually get stuff done – personally by me in our monthly open Q&A Calls!

The strategies I teach are for the most part the simplest and most affordable strategies around – because you know what? That’s what works!  You’ll find that you don’t need to spend a ton of money in your marketing like many people think in order for it to work for you.  I’ll show you what works for me and hundreds of my clients!

This program now includes more direct contact with ME on the phone than ever before but it is still considered my ‘entry level’, ‘try me out’ kind of program.

If you’re ready for a more hands-on, private mentoriong, 1-on-1 program with a coach, this is NOT the right program for you, you’ll want to step up and do a free strategy session with me.

The Group Coaching Program is a very affordable program to get a ton of new information and the actual HOW to do specific things and implement specific strategies in your business and marketing.

This is one of the ONLY programs at this level where you get monthly ACCESS to your mentor, in this case, ME!

Of course you must make the effort to take advantage of the program benefits but if you do, you’ll see what huge value this program includes.  Sure you can cancel at any time too but I’m betting you won’t want to after you see how getting ongoing marketing advice and help ensures you spend your valuable marketing dollars wisely and increases your overall revenues.

Plus after you see the cost to join…it’s a no brainer!

The main goal with my Group coaching Program is to consistently get you making clear, educated and revenue producing marketing decisions that give you the biggest bang for your buck and time as well as provide you a community of liked minded individuals who can support each on this journey of business growth.

“So, are you ready to step your game WAY up?

Learn new strategies, techniques and creative solutions every month so you can keep ahead of your competition?”

Sign up today for the Creative Track Group Coaching Program for an investment of only $97/month!

Sign up Today and Get 2 Months for the Price of 1!

Pay only $97 now and receive a 60 day membership.

Note: Your ccard will automatically renew for the $97/month on day 61 and then every 30 days following unless you decide to cancel.  Cancelation details are explained when you join but it’s really easy.

Are you ready to CONSISTENTLY and PROACTIVELY work “ON” your business’ marketing instead of just “IN” it!

In my Creative Track group Coaching Program, I talk about many topics and coach you on many different aspects of your marketing and your business.  Basically, you’ll have a full time Marketing Coach on your side but without the big time salary!

What you’ll learn and how you’ll benefit:

  1. How to sell more services and products, online and offline.
  2. Magnetically attract potential high-level partners, endorsement requests, media interviews, and speaking invitations.
  3. Establish yourself as an expert in your field, so you attract significantly more and better-qualified clients who are willing and able to buy from you.
  4. Attain “top-of-mind awareness” with your clients and prospects. When the time comes they need or want your products or services, there’s no question who they’ll buy them from — YOU!
  5. Show your current clients everything you can really do for them, maximizing your sales efforts and pulling every ounce of profit from them.
  6. Build a loyal base of “fans” who are ready to hire you, buy from you, evangelize for you and create more fans for you. They will literally build your business or practice FOR you!
  7. Effortlessly spread the word about your business via “viral marketing.” (Your ezine for example can be the lever you need to spread your message like wildfire!)
  8. Package your knowledge on a regular basis into tips and articles that can be reprinted in other publications for tons of additional exposure and traffic.
  9. Create new revenue streams from selling ad space in your ezine, recommending other products that you’re an affiliate of or creating informational products that make you money while you sleep.
  10. Go from working hour-for-hour to generating passive income. If you have valuable knowledge to share, sell it as an information product and your ezine readers will gladly pay for it. This strategy allowed me to free up 75% of my time and be much more selective in the clients I take on! (But the KEY to all the sales was my ezine.)
  11. Learn the single most important MISTAKE most small business owners make
  12. Capture the email addresses of your Web site visitors, gaining permission to market to them over and over again. (This is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the success of any business that is marketing online!)
  13. Save thousands of dollars in design, printing, and postage either by producing your newsletter online instead of printing it or by utilizing my Big Money Marketing Rolodex.
  14. Keep in touch with all of your customers, prospects, and associates – on a regular basis. (And best of all, they’ll love hearing from you, because you’re sharing valuable information.)

Learn how to build your database, market effectively to your database and to your unique target market with my easy to implement strategies without breaking the bank

Sounds great Sean, so what do I get when I join?

The Creative Track Group Coaching Program Members receive all of the following:

  1. Access to a Private Monthly Teleclass typically held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5 pm PST. Teleclasses are more like business and marketing training calls and they will provide descriptive detailed marketing strategies with a different focus each month. Guest speakers may be brought in to cover certain topics but they will always be hands-on, how-to, teaching type of calls so you will walk away with new ideas immediately.  You don’t have to be able to make these calls live, you can listen to the recordings.
  2. Access to a Private Monthly Open Q&A Call typically held on the 1st Monday of each month at Noon PST.  Members can come to this call with your biggest marketing or business challenges, questions, concerns, ideas for brainstorming or strategizing, whatever you want to talk about.  **This benefit of the Silver Mentor Program alone could save you hours of your time and/or make you hundreds or thousands of dollars! I do recommend you try to make these calls live so we can strategize on YOUR business.
  3. Recordings of all Teleclasses & Q&A Calls will be available to Members via audio download in case you aren’t able to make the call.
  4. Special Discounts and Offers on many of my products, programs and workshops.  Special links are available via email.  Plus how you can earn 20-50% commission by referring your friends to me!

Still not sure? Well think about it this way…

What else are you doing right now with this $97 per month?  Are you actively getting clients with it and getting people on your list?

What else could you spend this $97 each month on?  How about:

  1. Daily Starbucks lattes
  2. Pair of shoes (at Nordy’s)
  3. Dinner with your sweetie
  4. Maybe someone else’s info-product that you may not even open
  5. 97 iTunes downloads

Wouldn’t your money be better invested in coaching, resources and learning to help you grow your business FASTER?

Of course it would.  Now I know you can find the $97 to get started.  You’ll see that after one month or even after you visit the Silver Mentor Program Online Forum just ONCE you’ll immediately receive the value and then some – I guarantee it or your money back!

Sign up today for the Group Coaching  Program and let’s get started!  I’ll talk to you on the next call!!

2 for 1 Offer Ends Soon!!

Dedicated to your success,

Sean D. Stewart, The Entrepreneur Success Coach

P.S. You can keep hoping to change your business and make more money, but unless you are willing to do something different, take action and put together a solid marketing plan to follow – your chances for success are slim to none. So let me show you how to get some smarter marketing strategies together for your business now.

P.P.S.  Remember, you are always welcome to cancel your membership anytime and once you join, you’ll receive an email on how to do that and also how to access your Member Benefits immediately.

P.P.P.S.  Are you looking for a more hands-on, private mentoring program or coaching program where we can work closely 1-on-1 with your business, needs and goals? Then go read how you can apply for the opportunity to have a complimentary Strategy Session with me now at