What if you knew the secrets that the highest earning entrepreneurs of all time know. Would you listen? Would you implement them?

The world is filled with lots of entrepreneurs trying to “Make it”. We all want to be happier, make more money and be more fulfilled. But whats the difference between those who actually achieve that and those who only dream about it? Well it comes down 5 things. Do these 5 things and you cannot fail. Take away even 1 of these steps and none of the others will work as they are supposed to.

I’ve studied high earning entrepreneurs for over 20 years and read everything I could find on the subject of personal development. And after searching high and low for the secrets to success I found that its much more simple than most people realize.

Being successful is truly an inside job. What do I mean by that? Well, the results we get are directly related to the state of mind we are in.

How is that so?

Well think of a basketball player. What separates the MJ’s and Kobe’s from the lessor known guys? You might say championships or scoring titles. But that’s the results of something else: state of mind. MJ and Kobe are more focused, more prepared and more present.

That’s why they produce such amazing results.

Entrepreneur Mindset

So how can we control our state of mind to ensure we win big at the game of life? Well it comes down to 5 steps:

1. Take responsibility
2. Ritualize Success
3. Utilize visualization
4. Set Strategic goals
5. Have True Integrity

These are the 5 secret mindsets of high earning entrepreneurs.

Each one builds upon the next and they work as a holistic process. So which ones are you strong in and in which ones are you weak?