I heard it said recently that breaking your 1st 6 figure year as an entrepreneur is the one hardest things you’ll ever do as a business owner.  That it takes everything you have to get there…and that from there to 1 Million is easy in comparison.

Over the years as I’ve helped many other coaches and entrepreneurs get to 6 figures, a few smart ones have asked me things like: 

“What are your biggest secrets for getting to where you are now?  How did you handle X, Y, Z when you were where I am now?”

Those kinds of questions are fun for me to answer.

 Getting inside the psychology of your mentors is so critical to up-leveling your results.  From the beginning of my journey as a coach and business owner, I picked the brain of every mentor I had to the furthest degree I could.  And it has served me very well.

With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to you if I shared what I consider to be the top 7 success secrets that have helped me break the 6 figure mark. 

I thought long and hard about these because I could easily share 20 or even 50 if I tried but I wanted to really boil down the top 7 things that have helped me so you could use them to step your game up and supercharge your results this year.

So without further adieu… Here are the top 7 success secrets for building a 6 figure business for coaches and heart based entrepreneurs:

1.     A vision that’s an absolute MUST

It’s not enough to have a vague idea of what you want. You have to make it crystal clear.  But even that is not enough.  You have to perceive that vision as a non-negotiable.  Only when you fully believe that that vision MUST occur, will you become obsessed with turning it into reality.  And that is what we call “a very healthy obsession”.

2.     Surrounding yourself with high level mentors and peers

It’s easy to surround yourself with people of like mind.  That’s called ‘staying in your comfort zone’.  If you want to succeed and reach 6 figure and above, you have to start spending time with bigger players.  When the people around you go from talking about “everyone is struggling” to “making money is easy”, you’ve made the necessary jump.

You’re fishbowl is hard to see out of until you jump to a bigger one.  Once you do, you will raise your standards to a whole new level.  People look up to me but I don’t think about that because there are too many people around me who are crushing it way bigger than I am and this keeps me grounded, hungry and super motivated.

3.     Focusing on possibility versus doubt

Most (if not all) of us are trained from an early age to focus more on the idea that “it’s not possible”, or that “I can’t do it” versus “It’s totally possible and I can”.  Until you acknowledge this mental habit to doubt you can’t see it.  It’s just there, running your mind without you.  You have to become committed to changing those thoughts until your new normal is total faith in self.

4.     Owning your agenda selfishly

I admit it, I’m a recovering people-pleaser.  I have made other people’s agenda’s WAY more important than mine for most of my life.  Luckily for me it I experienced a breaking point with it.  I chose to get selfish because the suffering I was experiencing was taking me (and everyone around me) down.  I realized that MY agenda is the cornerstone of my success.  Others may call you selfish but it’s way more selfish to drain your energy by giving to everyone but yourself.  Because when you are drained, everyone loses.

5.     Confronting life head on

Life is like a wave, you’re either on it, or you’re missing it.  Every day is like this.  Riding a wave means you face the things in your life that you’re afraid of, and missing a wave means you avoided something today you knew you needed to do.  When we avoid enough things, we build up a storage of things we’ve swept under the rug.  This not only drains us but it secretly destroys our dreams.  Stop avoiding life, and face it head on.  It’s the only way.

6.     Conditioning yourself to be at your best in a moments notice

When we take 100% responsibility for our results we have to look at what about us is causing them.  When you break it down it’s simply our emotions.  When it rains out, do you feel low?  When it’s sunny do you feel ‘ready to go’?  Rain and sun are metaphors for anything outside of you that’s controlling your emotions.  You can’t let your emotions be controlled by outside forces.  You must learn to master your mind and emotions and condition yourself to be ‘ready on a dime’ to be on your game.  When you put the time in to build this habit, you quantum leap.

7.     Mastering sales

 I used to think sales was beneath me.  That was back when I dreamed that an A and R in the music business would magically find my music and sign me on the spot.  I just wanted to do my art and let the sales people work their magic for me.  Well in case you’re wondering, the dream never came true… I waited and waited and no one ever saved me.  In time I learned how to sell myself.  And I didn’t start out good at it by any stretch.  But I knew that mastering sales would play a huge role in my future so I stuck with it.

Now I not only have a skill that pays the bills, but I know how to communicate with people in a way that inspires them to action.  No matter what you do, if you have a business, you must master sales.  With that skill in place, you never ever again have to worry about money.  You have the ability to create money at will, simply by getting on a phone call.

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