The 5 Secret Mindsets of High Earning Entrepreneurs

What if you knew the secrets that the highest earning entrepreneurs of all time know. Would you listen? Would you implement them?

The world is filled with lots of entrepreneurs trying to “Make it”. We all want to be happier, make more money and be more fulfilled. But whats the difference between those who actually achieve that and those who only dream about it? Well it comes down 5 things. Do these 5 things and you cannot fail. Take away even 1 of these steps and none of the others will work as they are supposed to.

I’ve studied high earning entrepreneurs for over 20 years and read everything I could find on the subject of personal development. And after searching high and low for the secrets to success I found that its much more simple than most people realize.

Being successful is truly an inside job. What do I mean by that? Well, the results we get are directly related to the state of mind we are in.

How is that so?

Well think of a basketball player. What separates the MJ’s and Kobe’s from the lessor known guys? You might say championships or scoring titles. But that’s the results of something else: state of mind. MJ and Kobe are more focused, more prepared and more present.

That’s why they produce such amazing results.

Entrepreneur Mindset

So how can we control our state of mind to ensure we win big at the game of life? Well it comes down to 5 steps:

1. Take responsibility
2. Ritualize Success
3. Utilize visualization
4. Set Strategic goals
5. Have True Integrity

These are the 5 secret mindsets of high earning entrepreneurs.

Each one builds upon the next and they work as a holistic process. So which ones are you strong in and in which ones are you weak?

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How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Results

I felt compelled to write you today because the feeling I woke up with was so palpable and passion-filled that I knew I needed to share it.

The essence of the feeling was that of the possibility and potential for UNLIMITED SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT that exists in every one of us.

Okay, I can already see you making that face of ‘Here he goes into some positive thinking tirade’, but hold on a moment… I’m going to bring this out of the ‘theory’ realm and into ‘concrete reality’ fast.

As some of you already know, I was on FOX NEWS last week talking about “How to Stay Focused in a Multi-Tasking World”.

Sean on Fox NewsThe experience was exhilarating because every time I break through to an new level of success in my life, it’s like I have to walk through a ring of fire to get to the other side.

There is this fear (of the unknown and of ‘messing up’) AND a ‘no turning back’ mindset that always turns into an explosion of power and energy within me when I complete the experience.

It’s what happened after my first spoken word performance in New York City,  my first concert at the Troubadour when I was in a rock/hip hop band, the first time I got up and did an hour long speech to a large audience as a coach/business trainer, my first webinar, and now my first LIVE TV appearance on the NEWS.

So where am I going with this?  The ONLY WAY I was able to achieve any of these goals was to FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAYS (great book by the way).

As Bob Proctor calls it, I had to break through a “Terror Barrier” to reach the other side of these life changing experiences.

Okay, the comfort zone, the comfort zone.  You’ve heard it a million times.  “You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone”.  There’s nothing ground breaking about that statement.

But HOW MUCH do YOU actually follow what it’s saying?

How uncomfortable are you?

And why is it that we MUST FEEL DISCOMFORT (and it can show up as pain, anger, fright, irritation and many other manifestations) TO GROW BIGGER??

Why exactly is it that we MUST feel those things to create the success we want in life?

Why do they say, “Do something that scares you every day” or “everything you want in life exists right beyond the edge of your comfort zone”??

The reason is this:  IN REALITY WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE.  NOTHING  IS OUT OF OUR REACH (honestly)… but what does stop us is OURSELVES… OUR WORRIES, OUR INSECURITIES, OUR SELF DOUBT, OUR ‘NOT KNOWING HOW’ CONCEPT (which is really fear in disguise), OUR EMOTIONS!

Bottom line:  WE stop OURSELVES from success BECAUSE IT SCARES US.


Make the JumpThat’s the final frontier.  But the break-through is not “OUT THERE”.  It’s “IN HERE”.  Not in ‘outer space’ but ‘Inner Space’.

I used to hate the feelings of discomfort I felt it when I first started my business.  I would pace my office, uncomfortable from head to toe because I knew I had to make calls to create business and I didn’t want to.

But I had an accountability partner and he was going to rip me a new one if I didn’t come through and I used that as a lever to take the necessary actions to grow my business.  Years and years I felt that feeling.  Butterflies lived in my stomach.

But what’s crazy now is that those “little” fears I felt then are so small now it’s funny to me and there are ‘bigger’ fears I have my sights on now.  It’s not “I hope this person doesn’t reject me when I offer my coaching services”, it’s “I hope I can sell out this event”, or “I hope I don’t screw up on National television”.

I could never have gotten to these ‘bigger’ fears without going through the ‘smaller’ ones.

I used to feel like I was done growing.  Not any more.  NOW I LOVE GROWING, AND I WELCOME IT DAILY (THE DISCOMFORT TOO).

What about you?  Are you growing and expanding at the pace you want to?  Are you taking enough risks and feeling the fear and doing it anyways?  Are you “sweating the small stuff” or are you going full out, day in and day out?

Your best life awaits you.  It’s only a matter of declaring your highest vision (what you want most) as truth and walking boldly in the direction of it daily and then allowing yourself to keep walking forward even when your fear levels rise to almost unmanageable levels.

You’ll be ok.  In fact once you get through whatever ring of fire is in front of you, you’ll feel AMAZING.

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3 Big Insights from Getting Booked on TV

I am writing to express my excitement over the fact that I have been booked to speak on both local and national TV as an expert.  10 TV producers booked me for 11 spots!  It happened because I participated in a life-altering event called “Celebrity LaunchPad” put on by a friend of mine and media coach to the gurus named Clint Arthur.

Celebrity LaunchpadThe experience was exhilarating to say the least.   Not to mention uncomfortable and Scary!  It really pushed me to higher levels of confidence and energy within myself.

When you are going to be on TV, you have to be sure your message is the one you want to put out there because you only get 1 chance to make a 1st impression and as well, since you only get 4-5 minutes on TV it also has to be succinct and inspirational.

That was a tall order for me when I arrived but something I REALLY owned by the time I got to the end of this event.

Here’s what I learned most from this transformational experience:

1.  You’re never going to be ‘ready’.  My book isn’t done and I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to speak about when I got there.  I figured it out with the help of Clint, the other participants and the fact that I HAD TO.  14 TV producers facing you on Skype will force you to figure it out!

2. The more uncomfortable something is, the more power and confidence you feel when you get through it.  It’s like walking on the coals if you’ve ever been to a Tony Robbin’s event.  You feel empowered and unstoppable when you make it to the other side.  Imagine that but for your career!

3. Energy is EVERYTHING when it comes to communication.  Whether it’s a speaking gig, a tele-seminar, a phone call with a loved one, or TV, your energy matters most and it’s what translates your BEST SELF to people.  UPLEVEL YOUR ENERGY IF YOU WANT TO UP LEVEL YOUR RESULTS.

There are many more lessons but I’ll inspire you with more after my first LIVE appearance airs on March 11th for FOX in Las Vegas.

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