…without being pushy or salesy.

Find out how successful client-based business entrepreneurs are able to effortlessly attract new clients, and how they change “I can’t afford it”, into “Here’s my credit card, sign me up”.

Stop chasing new clients and instead have them chasing you!

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What Clients Say

Less than a week after I hired Sean Douglas Stewart I enrolled a new client at $2500, which had been my highest offering at that time. Only a little while later I enrolled my first 6K client!! Working with Sean has been a total game changer.
Katie Collins
During my work with Sean, I quadrupled my investment and attracted at least 1-2 new clients a week. I was also in the middle of opening my own acupuncture clinic (from sharing a practice with another practitioner) and had a lot of work to do. With Sean’s coaching, I opened the new space twice as fast as I had anticipated. He helped me with not only the logistics of running a practice, but also with the mindset necessary for ultimate success!
Tarah Long, Licensed Acupuncturist
Since working with Sean, I’ve come to realize that the only person coming between me and success is myself. Once I was able to clear the destructive belief systems I had of worthiness, I was able to land my first high paying client at nearly twice my original rate! That one client earned me over 3K! Since then I’ve done it over and over and filled my practice with my ideal clients!
Bryan Jordan, Coach and Massage Therapist
Since working with Sean I’ve experienced a 10X increase in my productivity and clarity about the goals of my business. I’ve hired an assistant and trainer and have reached many of my business and personal goals. Sean is dependable, clear and caring.
Alex Alexander, Alexander & Associates LLC
I’ve been working with Sean for some time now and he is amazing!! His knowledge, energy, enthusiasm, and radical acceptance for anything you bring to him is just the kind of support you’d want in a coach. Not to mention he makes the process fun.
Rebecca Fettig
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